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Harvesting garlic with a 95% reduction in workforce

By: Realag Machinery Insider

December 11, 2017

Finally, the answer to the What the heck is this? Facebook challenge. Inspired primarily by curiosity (and, dare we say confusion?),...Read more »

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Slurry spreading with precision

By: Realag Machinery Insider

December 5, 2017

(Photo supplied)

Vervaet’s hydro-trike slurry spreader was developed in collaboration with contractors nearly twenty years ago. As its name suggests, it’s a...Read more »

25 years of memorable SWAC moments

By: Bernard Tobin

December 5, 2017

The Southwest Agricultural Conference (SWAC) will mark its 25th anniversary on January 3rd, when the two-day conference unofficially kicks off...Read more »

Free tools help cow-calf producers calculate cost of production

By: RealAgriculture News Team

December 4, 2017

Photo by Debra Murphy

Without a little office time, it’s almost impossible to know which enterprises are profitable, and which aren’t. As a result of collaboration...Read more »

TechTour: Designing the IDEAL combine

By: Realag Machinery Insider

December 1, 2017

(courtesy AGCO)

AGCO’s new generation of combine harvester made its first public appearance at Agritechnica in Germany last month. The result of the company’s...Read more »

The benefits of a stripper header

By: Realag Machinery Insider

November 30, 2017

There are many ways to harvest crops, from pick-up to straight-cut headers. But, have you ever considered a stripper header? Designed largely for...Read more »

Building biosecurity into our definition of ‘ranchlife’

By: Debra Murphy

November 30, 2017

From checking-in all visitors to showering-in/showering-out of production facilities, for many livestock operators, strict biosecurity protocols are...Read more »

Fendt debuts all-electric compact tractor

By: Realag Machinery Insider

November 28, 2017

The e100 Vario on display at Agritechnica.

Automation is not be the only innovative path the agricultural machinery world is headed down. Fendt unveiled an all-electric tractor — the e100...Read more »

Agribition showcases the quality of Canadian livestock genetics to the world

By: RealAgriculture News Team

November 26, 2017

Photo: supplied.

A major highlight for the Canadian cattle industry every November is Canadian Western Agribition. Between the rodeo, cattle sales, tradeshows,...Read more »

Toxins in the feed — Identifying and managing mycotoxins

By: Debra Murphy

November 23, 2017

Beyond cereal crops, ergot can also be found in forage grasses like orchard grass, brome grass, bluegrass and others.

We often focus our efforts on what to add to a total mixed ration in order to offer our animals the highest plane of nutrition necessary for their...Read more »

The race to bring robots to the field is on

By: Kelvin Heppner

November 23, 2017

We’ve read headlines about a future with robots in the field and witnessed the unveiling of a few self-driving prototypes at farm shows over the...Read more »

The irreplaceable human element in ranching

By: Debra Murphy

November 21, 2017

Photo by Debra Murphy. Scotland IFAJ, 2014.

For some, technology like autonomous tractors and unmanned aerial vehicles offer great interest; for others, the quick advancements in robotics and...Read more »

Building an agile and resilient farm business — AgEx ’17

By: Kelvin Heppner

November 20, 2017

Resilience is defined as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. Agility refers to an ability to move quickly and easily. In a farm...Read more »

Armoured tractor designed to protect driver in dangerous areas

By: Realag Machinery Insider

November 17, 2017

Reborack’s armoured tractor on display at Agritechnica.

Landmines and flying bullets are certainly not a concern when driving a tractor in many parts of the world, but there are places where this is a real...Read more »

New Holland brings autonomy to the tracks

By: Realag Machinery Insider

November 16, 2017

If you were to see a New Holland tractor equipped with NHDrive, you might think it looks fairly typical of the machines of today. But beyond its...Read more »

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