Category: Technology

Profitability quest driving adoption of field data management software

By: Owen Roberts

June 11, 2018

More Canadian farmers believe that the need for improved profitability will prompt them to use field data management software in the future — and...Read more »

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GPS beacon tracks equipment activity, and maps where bales are dropped

By: Realag Machinery Insider

May 14, 2018

Using technology from a sensor made by Fliegl, Austrian farm machinery company Pöttinger has debuted a GPS beacon designed to track the...Read more »

TechTour: Culti Cam system offers automatic cultivator positioning in row crops

By: Realag Machinery Insider

May 10, 2018

Photo via Claas

In another move towards automation, Claas has unveiled a system for automatic steering of cultivators in row crops. The Culti Cam uses a...Read more »

Farmers Edge looks to appeal U.S. court decision dismissing claims against Farmobile

By: Kelvin Heppner

May 8, 2018

Manitoba-based Farmers Edge says it believes there are grounds for an appeal after a U.S. court dismissed the company’s claims in a trade...Read more »

Waterbed design aims to keep cows comfy and cool

By: Bernard Tobin

April 26, 2018

Better cow comfort can deliver a host of benefits for both the animal and the milk tank. Improving overall cow health, increasing cow longevity, and...Read more »

Sensor brings new wavelengths to crop scanning for needs-based nitrogen

By: Realag Machinery Insider

April 7, 2018

It only makes sense to apply fertilizer where it’s needed, and only where it’s needed. For a long time, agricultural machinery and technology...Read more »

Staking a claim for ag in the social media jungle

By: Owen Roberts

April 4, 2018

Marketing and farming go hand in hand, says UK communications specialist Simon Haley. In a swing through Ontario that starts later this week, he’ll...Read more »

DOT launches program to reserve autonomous machines starting in 2019

By: Kelvin Heppner

March 15, 2018

After unveiling its autonomous field work platform last summer, Saskatchewan-based DOT Technology Corp has opened up a program for potential...Read more »

Automated blossom thinner reduces orchard labour input

By: Realag Machinery Insider

March 13, 2018

If there’s a consistent theme across new agriculture technology over the last few years it’s automation. From driverless tractors, to...Read more »

Picking winners and losers in the farm data race

By: Kelvin Heppner

February 28, 2018

(Photo by Mk2010, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

Players are going to start dropping out of the race to be the dominant farm data platform sooner than later, says a cropping systems economist who...Read more »

Number crunch your way to higher yields

By: RealAgriculture News Team

February 22, 2018

While there are several aspects of farming that are part art, part science, the science part is becoming increasingly easier to measure, manage, and...Read more »

SpaceX launch could be a step toward solving the rural internet problem

By: Kelvin Heppner

February 20, 2018

(photo courtesy SpaceX, public domain)

Slow internet speeds and poor coverage are a major problem in many rural areas. It’s a competitive disadvantage for farmers, ranchers and...Read more »

Kinze aims to keep planting simple with new interface

By: Realag Machinery Insider

February 20, 2018

Kinze has traditionally relied on suppliers to provide electronic interface and monitors for its planters, but that all changes with the introduction...Read more »

Case IH names 5 categories of autonomy, and a field-scale project

By: Realag Machinery Insider

February 16, 2018

Less than two years after unveiling an autonomous concept tractor, Case IH has announced it will begin testing autonomous technology in-field. The...Read more »

TechTour: Bringing augmented reality to the field

By: Realag Machinery Insider

January 23, 2018

Photo via Amazone.

Anyone who has tried to follow directions on a maintenance or repair call via telephone knows how frustrating it can be. Machines are complicated,...Read more »