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Category: White Mould

If grass is green, soybean white mould is keen

By: RealAgriculture Agronomy Team

February 8, 2018


Timing a white mould fungicide application in soybeans can be tricky business. The typical recommendation is to spray a first-pass fungicide at the...Read more »

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Soybean School: Make resistance a priority when selecting varieties

By: RealAgriculture Agronomy Team

December 22, 2017

Sudden death syndrome (SDS) in soybeans.

Next time you chose a soybean variety, don’t just consider yield trials. Be sure to take a close look at disease trials; they help determine...Read more »

Soybean School: Learning from Ontario’s 2017 crop

By: RealAgriculture Agronomy Team

December 7, 2017

It’s not official, but it looks like Ontario’s 2017 soybean yield will come in at around 43 bushels per acre. That’s down from the 46-bushel...Read more »

Soybean School: No payback for white mould revenge spraying

By: Bernard Tobin

August 24, 2017

Photo: Daren Mueller

White mould is showing up in soybean fields across Ontario, especially in areas that have consistently seen wet weather and moderate temperatures...Read more »

Soybean School: Getting fungicide timing right

By: RealAgriculture Agronomy Team

July 13, 2017

A stretch of sunny, dry weather in Ontario has soybeans on the comeback trail. That also means that soybean fungicide timing is sneaking up on many...Read more »

Soybean School: What’s Old Is New Again in Row Spacing

By: RealAgriculture Agronomy Team

August 4, 2015

Ask three farmers what the best row spacing is for soybeans and you might get three different answers, but in most soybean growing areas...Read more »

Agronomy Geeks Ontario, Ep.18 — The Corn Stalk/White Mould Connection: What’s a Farmer to Do?

By: RealAgriculture Agronomy Team

July 31, 2015

Stock image. (Photo by Debra Murphy, 2015)

We’re moving into prime white mould season — mid-summer and into August. While conditions were very favourable for disease development through...Read more »

Wheat Pete’s Word, July 23: Diseased Wheat, A Corn Alert and White Mould Timing(s)

By: RealAgriculture Agronomy Team

July 23, 2015

Wheat harvest is underway in southern parts of Ontario, with yields ranging anywhere from an ugly-and-diseased 40 bushels an acre to 110 bushels in...Read more »

Soybean School: Should My Crop be Sprayed for White Mould?

By: RealAgriculture Agronomy Team

July 10, 2015

White mould is a fungus caused by Sclerotinia sclerotiorum, and tends to cause a bleached area of the stem, with black oblong sclerotia...Read more »

Wheat Pete’s Word, July 8: Hot Hay, Market Bounces, Greenseeker Tech & Disease Control Tips

By: RealAgriculture Agronomy Team

July 8, 2015

The hay crop, white mould, norther corn leaf blight, and nitrogen management tools are all high on farmers’ radars this week as we head into the...Read more »

Soybean School: The Theoretical Top End of Soybean Yields And How to Edge Ever Closer

By: RealAgriculture Agronomy Team

March 17, 2015

Perhaps you’re already acquainted with the wild world of theoretical yields. A theoretical yield is a measure of the genetic potential a plant has,...Read more »

Soybean School: To Till or Not to Till for White Mould Management?

By: RealAgriculture Agronomy Team

January 15, 2015


It’s a disease that affects a number of significant crops in Canada, including vegetables, pulses, canola and even some forage species. And last...Read more »

Soybean School: A Plan for All Those Soybean Acres in 2015 (There Will Be Many)

By: RealAgriculture Agronomy Team

December 11, 2014

White mould love tight soybean rotations. What’s the best plan of attack for 2015? A good chunk of wheat acres didn’t get planted in the fall of...Read more »

Soybean School: Fall & Spring Tasks for Managing White Mould

By: RealAgriculture Agronomy Team

September 25, 2014

Sclerotia in a soybean stem. Photo Credit: MSU

A cool, wet summer has left many Ontario soybean fields with some level of white mould infection. The fuzzy white stem rot could be seen in patches...Read more »

The State of the Soybean Crop in Ontario — An Early Fall Update

By: RealAgriculture Agronomy Team

September 12, 2014

The Real Agriculture team took in the sights and sounds of Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show this week at Woodstock, Ontario, and if there was one...Read more »