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Whoa, there: Speedy tractors, signage, and brake requirements

By: Realag Machinery Insider

February 5, 2018

(photo courtesy Fendt)

Here’s a fun debate topic: if your tractor is capable of traveling at over 40 km/h, is it still a slow moving vehicle (SMV)? It sure isn’t, and...Read more »

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Versatile celebrates Genesis anniversary with special edition black tractor

By: Realag Machinery Insider

January 22, 2018

The first Ford Genesis tractor rolled off the production line in Winnipeg in September of 1993. With changes in ownership over the past 25 years, the...Read more »

Kubota’s fully autonomous tractor to hit fields in Japan

By: Realag Machinery Insider

January 16, 2018

Kubota’s fully autonomous tractor is offering Japanese agriculture an innovative solution to the challenges of an aging demographic. “Really...Read more »

Canadian tractor and combine sales were strong in 2017

By: Realag Machinery Insider

January 11, 2018

December ended with very cold weather across Canada, but overall Canadian tractor and combine sales numbers reported by the Association of Equipment...Read more »

Techtour: 1.5 tonnes of bolt-less ballasting in under 30 minutes

By: Realag Machinery Insider

December 20, 2017

Photo via John Deere Germany.

Proper weight distribution is key to unlocking a tractor’s full potential, in terms of fuel consumption, tire wear and drawbar performance. At the...Read more »

Canadian tractor sales continue to show strength in comparison to the U.S.

By: Realag Machinery Insider

December 15, 2017

Photo Courtesy Equipment Technologies

The Canadian tractor market has maintained its strength according to the November 2017 Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) Flash report. One...Read more »

Fendt debuts all-electric compact tractor

By: Realag Machinery Insider

November 28, 2017

The e100 Vario on display at Agritechnica.

Automation is not be the only innovative path the agricultural machinery world is headed down. Fendt unveiled an all-electric tractor — the e100...Read more »

Armoured tractor designed to protect driver in dangerous areas

By: Realag Machinery Insider

November 17, 2017

Reborack’s armoured tractor on display at Agritechnica.

Landmines and flying bullets are certainly not a concern when driving a tractor in many parts of the world, but there are places where this is a real...Read more »

New Holland brings autonomy to the tracks

By: Realag Machinery Insider

November 16, 2017

If you were to see a New Holland tractor equipped with NHDrive, you might think it looks fairly typical of the machines of today. But beyond its...Read more »

TechTour: Claas aims for the best of both tracks and wheels

By: Realag Machinery Insider

November 13, 2017

Claas unveiled a fierce-looking hybrid machine that it describes as the first half-track tractor with full suspension at Agritechnica 2017 in...Read more »

New tractor sales running 16 percent ahead of last year

By: Kelvin Heppner

October 13, 2017

New tractor sales numbers in Canada continue to exceed last year’s levels, and sales activity in the U.S. The Association of Equipment...Read more »

AEM data shows Canadian new tractor sales up 18.1% in 2017

By: Realag Machinery Insider

September 15, 2017

Every month the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) releases a flash report on new tractor and combine sales in Canada and the United...Read more »

New Holland brings Auto Command CVT to articulated T9 tractors

By: Realag Machinery Insider

September 13, 2017

New Holland is now offering its continuously variable transmission (CVT), referred to as ‘Auto Command’ in its T9 Series tractors. “We’ve...Read more »

Innovative Farmers take action on compaction

By: Bernard Tobin

September 8, 2017

Compaction Action – IFAO

What happens when 400 innovative farmers, a team of agronomy and extension specialists, and a leading soil compaction researcher descend on an...Read more »

Deere adds narrow tracks for row crops

By: Realag Machinery Insider

September 2, 2017

John Deere has introduced three new narrow track tractors the company says are an ideal fit for row crop farming. The new editions to the 9RX tractor...Read more »