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Category: Bins

New GSI grain bins feature automated cleanout with inflatable liners

By: Realag Machinery Insider

September 5, 2018

Tired of brooms and shovels and all that dusty work to clean out grain bins after they’ve been emptied? Farmers who’ve had enough of the ‘clean...Read more »

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PAMI takes bin sensors to a whole new level

By: Dale Leftwich

August 16, 2018

Bin sensors, PAMI

When bin sensors first came along it was a huge improvement over simply shoving a metal rod through the bin door in some ways. Because sensors are...Read more »

Busting storage myths: Is air drier at night?

By: Dale Leftwich

August 9, 2018

Joy Agnew, PAMI

There are a lot of competing narratives around grain storage; some may even call them myths. For people who wanted to clear away some of the smoke...Read more »

What is the right amount of on-farm grain storage?

By: Shaun Haney

October 30, 2017

Can you have too much grain storage on farm? Is on-farm grain storage a trap to procrastinate in marketing your crop? Depending on where you farm,...Read more »

GSI makes waves with new grain clean-out technology

By: Realag Machinery Insider

August 30, 2017

Aimed at producers who are tired of shovelling, sweeping and sneezing their way through the dregs of grain bins, Grain Systems, Inc (GSI) announced a...Read more »

Taking risk out of climbing grain bins

By: Realag Machinery Insider

July 25, 2017

It’s hard to say how many injuries occur or work hours are lost on North American farms due to falls while climbing grain bins. They don’t all...Read more »

Grain bag drying system wins gold award

By: Realag Machinery Insider

July 18, 2017

The DryloBag on display at Ag in Motion ’17.

The requirement that grain must be dry enough to store without conditioning has been the primary drawback for storing grain in grain bags. The...Read more »

AGI Buys U.S. Grain Storage and Handling Manufacturer Global Industries

By: Kelvin Heppner

April 5, 2017

Winnipeg-based Ag Growth International (AGI) says it has acquired 100 percent of the shares in U.S. grain storage, handling and drying equipment...Read more »

The “BinKnocker” — A Simple Innovation to Check Your Grain Bin Level

By: Realag Machinery Insider

January 27, 2017

Innovation doesn’t have to be high-tech or complicated, as Ron Gramlich of Bashaw, Alta., will attest. Tired of crawling up bins while working at a...Read more »

A Burning Reminder to Check Your Grain Bins

By: RealAgriculture News Team

December 16, 2016

(Jim Shirley)

When we first saw the above photo on Twitter early this month, we weren’t sure what to think. Is it real? Has it been Photoshopped? Reports of...Read more »

Corn School: Vent Placement Crucial for Drying Success

By: Bernard Tobin

November 29, 2016

Where are the vents located on your grain bins? If they’re too low, you could comprise grain quality by creating a pool of hot, moist, dead air at...Read more »

Canola School: Babysitting High-Maintenance Canola in the Bin

By: RealAgriculture Agronomy Team

November 4, 2016

As if canola harvest hasn’t been hard enough with all the snow and rain, the work won’t end when this crop enters the bin. It’s going to...Read more »

GSI Bin Sweep Adds Durability To Keep Grain Flowing

By: Realag Machinery Insider

October 3, 2016

Looking to avoid downtime when uploading grain? Tired of shovelling grain away from the bin wall that the sweep can’t reach? These are two...Read more »

3,000 Bushel Movable Field Bin Designed to Reduce Waiting and Compaction

By: Realag Machinery Insider

September 2, 2016

Demco’s new-to-North America movable field bin was on display at the Farm Progress Show in Iowa this week. The 3,000 bushel Harvest Link (56′...Read more »

Meridian’s Parent Company Scoops Up Competitor’s Grain Bin Business

By: Kelvin Heppner

August 23, 2016


WGI Westman Group has acquired the manufacturing assets from a competitor in the grain bin business. The parent company of Meridian and...Read more »