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Saskatchewan farmers looking for management strategy for wild pigs

By: Shaun Haney

June 13, 2018

At one time, there was a thought that wild pigs could be part of a livestock diversification strategy for Saskatchewan farmers and ranchers. After...Read more »

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Recent rains fail to ease moisture concerns of Prairie pastures

By: Shaun Haney

June 3, 2018

Photo: Debra Murphy, 2015

Ranchers in Western Canada have faced some real challenges this spring. For some early calvers the late winter posed some serious problems for...Read more »

Beef Market Update – Strong beef demand, lower carcass weights, and the wall

By: RealAgriculture News Team

June 3, 2018

It has been a busy week in the cattle markets, as Canada and the United States are on the brink of a trade war that we would not have imagined a year...Read more »

U.S. cattle on feed numbers up 5% from a year ago, in line with expectations

By: Shaun Haney

May 27, 2018

USDA’s cattle on feed report, released on Friday, provided little drama as the numbers fell closely in line with expectations. Due to the Memorial...Read more »

Alberta cattle groups planning plebiscite on return to non-refundable check-off

By: RealAgriculture News Team

May 25, 2018

Alberta Beef Producers (ABP) and the Alberta Cattle Feeders’ Association (ACFA) have announced they’re aiming to hold a plebiscite this fall,...Read more »

Beef School, Ep 9: A flexible approach to year-round grazing

By: RealAgriculture News Team

May 23, 2018

Photo by Debra Murphy, 2018

Year-round grazing may mean different things to different people, but to Doug Wray, it essentially means providing ‘locally grown’ sustenance to...Read more »

Beef Market Update: “Frustrating” prices heading into grilling season

By: RealAgriculture News Team

May 18, 2018

Live cattle led the futures market lower this past week, with cash prices in tow, thanks to large supplies hitting the market. Cash cattle values in...Read more »

Saskatchewan rancher challenges consumers with “What if?” in TEDx talk

By: RealAgriculture News Team

May 15, 2018

Adrienne Ivey and her family. Supplied photo.

“What does someone who raises cattle look like?” Adrienne Ivey, a Saskatchewan cattle rancher, stood in front of a TEDx audience in Regina...Read more »

Prairie ranchers monitoring pastures for predicted drought

By: Shaun Haney

May 11, 2018

As farmers in Western Canada are working hard at seeding across the Prairies, many ranchers are branding and taking stock on the quality of the...Read more »

U.S. groups raise hackles over the definition of ‘meat’

By: RealAgriculture News Team

April 30, 2018

The issue The United States Cattlemen’s Association (USCA) has submitted a petition to the United States Department of Agriculture Food Safety...Read more »

Waterbed design aims to keep cows comfy and cool

By: Bernard Tobin

April 26, 2018

Better cow comfort can deliver a host of benefits for both the animal and the milk tank. Improving overall cow health, increasing cow longevity, and...Read more »

Alberta RCMP investigate reports of calf rustling

By: RealAgriculture News Team

April 25, 2018

The Southern Alberta RCMP Livestock section is investigating four separate reports of stolen calves in the area. The deets From February 19 to April...Read more »

Proposed food guide and label changes prompt #HandsOffMyPlate campaign

By: Kelvin Heppner

April 25, 2018

A group of people concerned about the impact of Health Canada’s plan to revise Canada’s Food Guide and introduce new labels on food packaging...Read more »

Standard Nutrition Canada acquired by La Coop federee

By: RealAgriculture News Team

April 24, 2018

Quebec-based cooperative La Coop fédérée is expandings its presence in Western Canada, announcing the acquisition of Standard Nutrition Canada....Read more »

Snow and ice weighing on an already struggling calf crop

By: RealAgriculture News Team

April 16, 2018

Photo by Debra Murphy, 2018.

It’s been a difficult — if not devastating — start to the year for many in the agricultural community. And just when areas of North America...Read more »