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Canola School: Check seed labels to rotate blackleg resistance

By: RealAgriculture Agronomy Team

February 19, 2018

Evidence of blackleg infection

You may notice some new information on canola seed bags this year — a label that lists what type of blackleg resistance the variety contains....Read more »

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Cover crops and livestock trampling ‘part of the rotation equation’

By: Debra Murphy

February 16, 2018

Angus cows graze on cover crops at Tom Finnegan’s farm in Minnesota. USDA photo (Flickr, CC by 2.0)

A ‘good rotation’ is often thought of as a cropping plan that involves diverse species, cultivars, and chemical actives. But that definition may...Read more »

Wheat Pete’s Word, Feb 14: Pushing seeding dates, increasing Mg, and comparing C:N ratios in manure

By: RealAgriculture Agronomy Team

February 14, 2018

Even with a fresh blanket of snow in some regions, farmers are eager to start planning for the spring season. From early seeding in Saskatchewan, to...Read more »

SaskFlax hires agronomist to support flax growers

By: RealAgriculture News Team

February 14, 2018

The Saskatchewan Flax Development Commission has hired its own agronomist to support flax growers in the province. Michelle Beaith joined SaskFlax as...Read more »

Take a closer look – it may be waterhemp

By: Bernard Tobin

February 14, 2018

Waterhemp has set down roots across Ontario, from Essex and Lambton County, and reports indicate it may have migrated as far east as Quebec....Read more »

Keeping cover crops out of tile drains

By: Bernard Tobin

February 12, 2018

Dr. Larry Brown, Ohio State University

Will the growth of cover crops lead to an explosion of plugged tile drains? According to Ohio State professor and farm drainage specialist Dr....Read more »

Corn School: Doing the math on multi-hybrid variable rate planting

By: Bernard Tobin

February 10, 2018

Many Ontario corn fields have high levels of variability; soil profiles can change from sand to highly productive loam in a matter of footsteps. One...Read more »

Pulses likely on the menu for Trudeau’s trip to India, but will they be on the agenda?

By: RealAgriculture News Team

February 8, 2018

Pulses will likely be on the menu as Prime Minister Trudeau meets with his Indian counterpart, Prime Minister Modi, later this month, but Canada’s...Read more »

Alberta’s “bug counter” recognized for outstanding contribution to the industry

By: RealAgriculture News Team

February 8, 2018

Scott Meers in conversation with Shaun Haney at FarmTech ’16.

Every year the planning committee behind Edmonton’s renowned FarmTech conference recognizes someone who has made “an outstanding contribution to...Read more »

If grass is green, soybean white mould is keen

By: RealAgriculture Agronomy Team

February 8, 2018


Timing a white mould fungicide application in soybeans can be tricky business. The typical recommendation is to spray a first-pass fungicide at the...Read more »

An old profession, but farmers are professionals — A Finnish farmer’s take on maintaining access to crop protection tools

By: RealAgriculture Agronomy Team

February 7, 2018

(Source: Chafer Machinery, Flickr, CC-BY-2.0)

Regulations, by their nature, are country or region specific, but they can have spillover effects into other markets. This is the case with many crop...Read more »

Canola School: Welcome to Clubroot Anonymous

By: Kelvin Heppner

February 7, 2018

Photo: Debra Murphy, 2014

Switch to longer rotations, reduce soil movement, grow resistant varieties — the list of keys to managing against clubroot disease has become...Read more »

Connections key to building soil organic matter

By: RealAgriculture Agronomy Team

February 5, 2018

There’s consensus that healthy soils with higher organic matter deliver a range of benefits from supplying nutrients, to building soil structure,...Read more »

Get growin’ with SY Rowyn

By: Guest Author

February 4, 2018

Are you looking to push your wheat yields higher, while maintaining access to good milling wheat markets? Alliance Seed is excited to launch its new...Read more »

Wheat Pete’s Word, Jan 31: Planter pressure, cover crop queries, and cold, dry weather

By: RealAgriculture Agronomy Team

January 31, 2018

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty on this week’s top agronomy questions, shall we? Peter Johnson is back for this last January 2018 instalment...Read more »