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Category: Soybean Harvest

Soybean School: What can you do about green soybeans?

By: RealAgriculture Agronomy Team

September 18, 2018

Soybeans are most often grown places that get abundant rain, particularly in August. This usually happens in southern Manitoba, so an unusual problem...Read more »

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Soybean School: A fall plan for tough-to-kill weeds

By: RealAgriculture Agronomy Team

September 13, 2018

Pre-harvest is actually a great time to get a handle on tough-to-kill weeds in the soybean crop or ahead of next year’s crop. But fall weed control...Read more »

Soybean School: Cutting back harvest losses at the header

By: RealAgriculture Agronomy Team

March 5, 2018

(source: United Soybean Board)

Even for seasoned soybean growers, harvest losses happen, and it’s estimated 80 percent of harvest losses occur at the header with soybeans. At...Read more »

Soybean School: Why are plant leaves turning red?

By: RealAgriculture Agronomy Team

September 15, 2017

Cold nighttime temperatures in recent weeks across Ontario are causing soybean plants to shut down. That’s one of the reasons why many growers are...Read more »

Soybean School: No payback for white mould revenge spraying

By: Bernard Tobin

August 24, 2017

Photo: Daren Mueller

White mould is showing up in soybean fields across Ontario, especially in areas that have consistently seen wet weather and moderate temperatures...Read more »

Soybean School: Pre + post = successful IP weed control

By: Bernard Tobin

August 21, 2017

Soybean weed control trial at the Elora Research Station.

What’s the best herbicide program for food-grade, non-GMO, identity preserved soybeans? It’s a common question OMAFRA weed specialist Mike...Read more »

Soybean School: What We Learned in 2016

By: Bernard Tobin

December 9, 2016

Growing soybeans in Ontario in 2016 was a real nail biter. Even Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs soybean specialist Horst...Read more »

Soybean School: 2016 Double-Crop Harvest Fuels Optimism

By: Bernard Tobin

November 9, 2016

Real Agriculture agronomist Peter Johnson and Syngenta agronomist Eric Richter return to Embro, Ontario farmer Ian Matheson’s field to examine how his double crop soybeans fared in 2016.

How much yield can you expect from double-cropped soybeans? In 2016, harvested yields from across Ontario have ranged from 25 to 45 bushels per acre....Read more »

Soybean School: Drought Leads to Green Stem Syndrome

By: RealAgriculture Agronomy Team

September 15, 2016

Drought conditions in Ontario could slow harvest in some soybean fields this fall where plants suffer from Green Stem Syndrome. In this edition of...Read more »

Soybean School: Counting Pods and Plants to Make a Yield Estimate

By: RealAgriculture Agronomy Team

August 24, 2016

It’ll be a few weeks before we actually know how this year’s soybeans are going to yield, but we can get a pretty good idea now, especially if...Read more »

Soybean School: Will Double Crop Soys Fit Your Farm?

By: RealAgriculture Agronomy Team

June 16, 2016

With Ontario’s winter wheat crop marching quickly to maturity, many growers are asking whether summer 2016 is a good time to try their hand at...Read more »

Soybean School: A Simple Fix For Heavy Corn Residue

By: RealAgriculture Agronomy Team

February 17, 2016

What impact do bigger corn plants that stay greener longer have on soybean yield? That’s a question OMAFRA soybean specialist Horst Bohner hears a...Read more »

Soybean School: Do We Really Need Tillage On Soybean Stubble?

By: RealAgriculture Agronomy Team

November 17, 2015

Did you till soybean stubble this fall? If you have, you’re driving Peter Johnson nuts! In this Soybean School episode, RealAgriculture’s...Read more »

Soybean School: Adding Moisture Back to Too-Dry Soybeans

By: RealAgriculture Agronomy Team

October 20, 2015

Too wet isn’t good, but neither is too dry for growers looking to get the most value for soybeans. According to researchers at North Dakota State...Read more »

Soybean School: Estimating Yield and Scouting for Reoccurring Issues

By: RealAgriculture Agronomy Team

September 21, 2015

USDA photo by Scott Bauer.

Pride Seeds’ Dan Foster explains how to estimate soybean yield in this video, shot at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show. Estimating yields may be more...Read more »