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RealAgriculture Media Tactics

RealAg Radio on Rural Radio Channel 147

RealAgriculture produces “RealAg Radio”, Canada’s only daily one-hour agriculture radio show, broadcast across North America on Rural Radio Channel 147 on SiriusXM. The show can also be found online at realagradio.com and the RealAgriculture podcast feed.

We offer both 30 and 60 second commercials, as well as 15 second segment sponsorships, which are live read introductions at the start of show segments. For more exposure, we record 3 – 5 minute spotlight interviews about your news or product. We also have the capability of attending your event or tradeshow booth and recording the entire show live in front of your audience.

Website Advertising

For traditional website advertising, we offer banner ads on the RealAgriculture website for any creative type or geo-target. A monthly report is supplied to all clients for impressions and click-through rates. Much of our content is presented through video and we have a strong audience interaction with our pre-roll and inline video ads, which are interactive with click-through capability to your landing page and can be
geo-targeted to meet your campaign needs.

Email Newsletters

For more direct contact with the consumer, our email newsletters put your ad directly in front of our subscriber list, which include readers from across North America. Our email lists include special interests such as cattle, dairy, and machinery, our most-viewed stories in the Top of the Month and Top of the Year, as well as geography based in the Western and Eastern daily updates.

Sponsored Content Marketing

The main component of our Sponsored Content Marketing package is an article edited by RealAgriculture staff. This will be displayed on our homepage and as part of our newsfeed marked as “Sponsored Content” for one week. It will also be displayed prominently in the RealAgriculture email newsletter best suited to your product and geography for that same week. We will also provide social media support, promoting your story on our Facebook page and Twitter feed.

You can be part of the agriculture conversation across desktop and connected mobile devices

RealAgriculture continues to expand its reach year-over-year as it provides excellent coverage of agricultural-based issues that impact Canadian farmers. With its unique use of video, audio and social media engagement, RealAgriculture is the leader in the NEW Canadian ag-media.


RealAg Radio on Rural Radio channel 147 on SiriusXM

RealAgriculture produces “RealAg Radio,” Canada’s only daily, one-hour agricultural radio show broadcast across North America on Rural Radio Channel 147 on SiriusXM. Hosted by Shaun Haney with a diverse cast of guests, the show airs weekdays (Monday – Friday) at 4:30 PM EST across Canada and the US and is rebroadcast at 7AM EST the next weekday.

Don’t have a SiriusXM subscription? Don’t worry!?
The show can also be found at RealAgRadio.com and the RealAgriculture podcast feed.


RealAgriculture Consumer Stats

We took survey data of the Canadian and United States market on varies topics.


Display Banner Advertising

High Impact. More visibility.

Web ads are priced at $45/CPM for any creative type or geo target.

A monthly report is supplied to all clients for impressions and CTR%.

Each campaign must include these ads sizes: 300×250, 728×90 and 320×50 pixels and can be static JPG/PNG, animated GIF or HTML5 (200KB max). Please note that HTML5 ads for Mobile must use AMP-Valid HTML.

With 571,447 visitors in the last year, and 123,000 page views per month, RealAgriculture provides advertisers with great exposure to the agriculture market in Canada.

Interactive Video Pre-roll and inline Ads

Pre Roll: $2.50 / impression Inline: $375 CPM

Strong Audience Interaction Video ads are 15-30 seconds in length Interactive with click through capability to landing page Fully geo-targeted to meet your campaign needs Ask us about video ad creation services!


Email Newsletters

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newsletters work.


Sponsored Content Marketing

Welcome to the new era of customized digital marketing and promotion for your business or product! 3 Components Included in the RealAgriculture Content Marketing Package:

  1. Branded Content on RealAgriculture.com
    Sticky article written and/or edited by RealAgriculture staff will be displayed on the homepage and is part of the RealAgriculture news feed marked as “Sponsored Content” for one week. RealAgriculture will have final editorial control on all posted content.
  2. Email Marketing
    Email content story marked as “Sponsored” to be featured in an existing RealAgriculture Daily E-Newsletter that drives traffic to the article and website, targeted to the RealAgriculture email best suited to your product and geography (runs for the same week).
  3. Facebook Marketing?
    Target sponsored content post to RealAgriculture Facebook page with an active community and 17,900+ page likes. Also includes Facebook advertising and Twitter support for post (to RealAg’s 36,000+ Twitter followers) for that same week.

RealAgriculture Content Marketing Package Price:
Western Daily $4,000.00
Eastern Daily $3,000.00

Promotions Club Email & Webpage

Do you have a unique promo code, contest or sale that you want to promote exclusively to RealAg readers in a new way? The RealAg Promotions Club Email is the perfect place to list special products, events or services to Canadian growers, ag industry professionals and more

The Details:

  • Sent out to Promotions Club email list bi-weekly, ad will click through to a Promo Club site page.
  • Internal promotion of Promo Club by RealAg: Website/Email/Facebook/Twitter support and posting of what’s coming up in the next promotions club and how to subscribe
  • Facebook boosting of ads of Promo Club Partners.
  • Reporting on webpage and email results.
  • Option of RealAg Radio Mention: Request Quote
  • Promos are listed on RealAg website, the link will send traffic here to sign up. http://www.realagriculture.com/promotions

Pricing for Promotions Club Partner Offer: Year 1 (Sept 15, 2016 – April 30 of 2017.)

Promotions Club Email Placement in Bi-Weekly email (300×250 ad), Website Advertising + Facebook boosting of Partners:
Cost: $500 per month.

*RealAgriculture.com is solely the advertiser of these promotions. Partner tracks promo code usage, conversions or resulting transactions.