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Who would be the best to lead a “high level delegation” to China to sort out the canola issue?

On Tuesday morning while in Winnipeg, Prime Minister Trudeau stated that “we are looking at the possibility of sending a high level delegation to China.” The Prime Minister is facing stiff criticism from western Canadian farmers for the lack of apparent action and response on the canola matter. This critique will only heighten with the… Read More

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‘It’s our livelihood at stake‘: farmers react to China’s decision to stop buying Canadian canola

The news that China has blocked not just Richardson International’s exported canola, but all Canadian canola seed has sparked outrage among farmers across Canada. “It’s very frustrating to be shut out of our largest market. This is why you need your national organizations and your federal government constantly nurturing these relationships to keep trade functioning,”… Read More

Canadians say new Food Guide doesn’t fit their taste preference

Following the recent release of Canada’s Food Guide, Dalhousie University launched a survey to judge awareness, understanding, and affordability of the new guide. Led by Dr. Sylvain Charlebois, senior director at the Dalhousie University Agrifood Analytics Lab, the study suggests that although more than one-quarter of those surveyed say the new Food Guide recommendations are not affordable,… Read More

Canadian dairies raise the bar on reproduction

Reproduction performance on Canadian dairy farms is getting better but there’s still room for improvement. That’s the message Mark Cason, EastGen Genetics reproductive solutions manager, shared with producers attending the Western Canadian Dairy Seminar at Red Deer, Alta., earlier this month. Carson’s insights are based on analysis of CanWest DHI herds greater than 150 cows from… Read More

Supply management groups await budget details on $3.9 billion in compensation

The federal government has earmarked nearly $4 billion in compensation in its next budget for those involved in the supply-managed sector. Now, dairy, chicken, and turkey groups are waiting for the specific details on how the money will be doled out. “What I see here in the budget is something that, where the government is… Read More

Trade Wars vs Weather (Depends Who You Talk To) — this week in the grain markets

Grain markets worked through the third week of March with weather headlines drowning most of the Chinese trade issues in the U.S., but it was the opposite in Canada. In outside markets, global stocks and bond yields fell on Friday as fresh data points have amplified some thinking about a weakening world economy. On Thursday,… Read More

Beef Market Update: Lean hog futures, spring moisture, and waiting on export numbers

While we anxiously await early 2019 statistics, the final 2018 export numbers are in and, when it comes to beef, the numbers are solid. In this week’s Beef Market Update, Gateway Livestock Exchange’s Anne Wasko joins stand-in host Lyndsey Smith to talk about what’s lifting live cattle prices. You don’t have to look much farther… Read More

Time for a Code of Practice for grain production

By Cam Dahl I was on a speaker’s panel a few weeks back with a farmer who said he never wanted to hear the word sustainability again.  I understand the sentiment but we, as an industry, are going to be hearing that word more and more from customers and consumers around the world. Farmers shy… Read More

Canada needs to start talking tougher on global issues

The Canadian government needs to start being honest with itself and farmers. Talking a tougher game would be a great start. China has hijacked the Canadian canola industry. Until someone proves to me otherwise I will continue to say that China’s cancellation of a major grain company’s export license  is political. Pretending that this is… Read More

China refuses purchases of all Canadian canola; Canola Council disappointed issue can’t be resolved quickly

Many questions still remain around why Chinese authorities blocked all canola export shipments from Richardson International about two weeks ago. For quite some time, China has been a major importer of Canadian canola. China’s imports account for roughly 4o per cent of of all Canadian exports of canola seed, oil, and meal. The Canola Council of Canada… Read More

Beyond rotating modes-of-action: preventing herbicide resistance with cultural controls

Herbicide resistance will sneak up on you if you don’t change up your management practices from time to time. Steve Shirtliffe works to help farmers develop strategies to keep resistance issues at bay. He is a professor at the University of Saskatchewan, and I caught up to him at the recent CropConnect conference at Winnipeg,… Read More

Wheat Pete’s Word, Mar 20: Tillering strategies, keeping soil covered, and help for sandy knolls

The first day of spring has brought with it a flood of calls and questions on managing the wheat crop as it wakes up — and host Peter “Wheat Pete” Johnson couldn’t be happier. In this week’s Wheat Pete’s Word, we have to start with some incredibly sad news out of Nebraska, where farmers and… Read More

MPs hold emergency meeting to discuss blocked canola shipments

Over the weekend, Members of Parliament held an emergency meeting to discuss the restriction of canola shipments from Richardson International to China. The news of the blocked shipments broke about two weeks ago, and China import officials say the revoked cargo was due to ‘hazardous pests’. Brandon-Souris MP, Larry Maguire says other MPs wanted this emergency… Read More

Resistance Management School: What’s the risk level on your farm?

Quite often, growers discover herbicide resistant weeds on their farm after an effective herbicide fails to take out a targeted weed. After some testing and reviewing past herbicide application records, growers might realize that the resistance problem is the result of repeated use of a particular herbicide or a history of not following best management… Read More

Corn School: Corn agronomy for western Canadian conditions

Corn is moving into new territory — mainly west and north — but the agronomic information farmers in these new areas rely on is still largely based on data from places such as Illinois and Iowa. This has provided a basis for new corn farmers to get started, but there are a lot of differences… Read More

Viterra becomes second business to face canola export ban to China

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Viterra becomes second business to face canola export ban to China

March 26 2019

Effective immediately, China’s General Administration of Customs has banned Viterra’s shipments of canola to the Asian country. This announcement...Read more

Prime minister to meet Richardson International CEO

March 26 2019

Feds announce possible carbon tax exemption for cardlock fuel

March 21 2019

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More than US$800M in agriculture loss by American Midwest flooding

March 21 2019

CRSB takes home this year’s beef industry innovation and sustainability award

March 21 2019

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